The Aging Gracefully Pathway
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Serious, debilitating or even fatal disease results are potential consequences of aging in an unhealthy, uninformed manner. The loss of independence is another serious potential consequence for those who are older as are problems with cognition. Genetics only accounts for 1/3 of the factors that lead to a long life. Knowledge is power and knowledge about aging is power to fight the other 2/3 of the aging process. This book is all about flooding the reader with expert knowledge. It gives the reader a basic understanding of how aging occurs, including defining all of the major aging “enemies” and shows the reader how to overcome them with very specific, practical, biologically sound tips.  It covers the physical body, the brain, the internal body, healthy eating, the role of various types of exercise in aging, the importance of sleep and relaxation, and concludes with expert advice on how to be the reader’s personal “best”.  





The Aging Gracefully Pathway: A Toolkit for the Journey

Dr. Cheryl Townsend Winter